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Hope Feeds

The COVID pandemic created an enormous demand for food assistance from its beginning. It is estimated that this need will continue and become even greater in the months to come. 

We invite you to join today to help us end food insecurity and provide hope to our neighbors. Listed below are several ways you can help the HOPE Center continue its mission to ensure that no one in Harford County goes hungry:

  • You can provide a family of four with (1) day of groceries for $25.

  • You can support a local recovery program with essential supplies

  • such as laundry detergent, cleaning products and paper goods for $50.

  • You can provide a family of four with (4) days of groceries for $100.

  • You can help a local pantry program fill a shelf with a groceries for $150.

  • You can provide food and supplies to several community outreach programs for $250.

Your donation is the difference. For us to remain on the frontlines and to ensure that none of our neighbors will go hungry, we ask you to partner with The HOPE Center of Maryland Today. 

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